COVID-19 in Washington County

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Most of us are aware that Washington County is leading the state in the number of confirmed cases of the virus. People have been speculating on the reason, so we have included what seem to be some good clues. We have compiled this article from a variety of sources, and links to them are in

Hungry for something different?


Many of our local restaurants are still open for business. Just place your order, pay with a credit card, pick up your meal and enjoy at home. Most of them also offer delivery, either with their own people or through one of the meal delivery services.

We’re all doing what we can

Once we realized that there would be NO events to list in this month’s paper, I put out a request on our Facebook page to find out what people wanted to read about. A bunch of great suggestions came in, along with some offers to help work on the stories. And by coincidence, our effort

Grocery shopping in the virus era

by Cami Villanueva, CMN intern, and Anne Lawrence COVID-19 has pushed us to find our new normal. Unfortunately, that means our local grocery stores must accommodate our dramatically changing circumstances as well. Health and safety of shoppers is most important to our grocery stores. Employees have been trained to sanitize surfaces and no longer charge

It is NORMAL to be anxious

Anna's Hummingbird

by Lauretta YoungIn these times of conflicting and unclear advice about this virus, and as we learn more day to day, we may be able to reduce some of the uncertainty and fear. A lack of control is one of the most potent drivers of anxiety during all stressful situations and we have that in

Pharmacies and other shopping

by Anne LawrenceMost patients can get their prescriptions by mail order, although this may be less flexible and take longer than using a local source. The following local pharmacies offer free prescription delivery or have drive through prescription windows. Pharmaca Integrated Pharmacy240 NW Lost Springs Terrace #36503-596-3552Free delivery within 5 miles of pharmacy. Rite Aid

Getting your dose of nature

Dungeness crab

Connecting to nature can be a great stress and anxiety reducer. Even amidst our community health situation, there are still ways to get outside or connect to nature within guidelines.

CPO 1 News

No meetings scheduled CPO 1 would have liked to hold its regular April 14 meeting as a Facebook Live event so we could share information on the upcoming May elections, but we have been advised that Washington County Counsel Alan Rappleyea has declared that would violate Oregon’s Public Meeting laws. Many other jurisdictions and organizations

Soil Building: an investment in your garden

by Auveen Hajar, CMN student internAs many Oregonians are faced with the pressing realities of the growing COVID-19 pandemic, health professionals constantly remind people on news and social media platforms to do one thing: stay at home! In the midst of these unprecedented times, Oregonians are finding themselves with little to do at home other

Meet the candidates for our State Representative

by Shawna Muckle, CMN student intern While the Coronavirus has upended most aspects of American life, Oregon’s statewide electoral primary remains scheduled for May 19, with voter’s pamphlets set to be delivered by mail from April 22-24. House District 33, Cedar Mill’s district in the Oregon House, has its first open seat since 2002, as

Road News April 2020

Butner culvert location

Butner Road culvert will include pedestrian improvements Open House Wednesday, May 13, 5-7 pm, St. Andrew Lutheran Church, 12405 SW Butner Road This project will replace the existing culvert on SW Butner Road, approximately 150 feet east of 126th Avenue, with a concrete box culvert. The existing culvert has significant maintenance issues and is in need

A closer look at Zoom

Zoom image

by Beatrice Kahn, CMN internYearning for more than FaceTime for visiting with your family and friends? Craving a platform more cohesive than Skype? With Oregon public schools closed until at least April 28, students are at a loss of their daily communication with peers and teachers. Workers staying home and needing to interact with colleagues

Community News April 2020


Community Warehouse
Help for people in recovery
Library resources and more from home
Weed Watcher Workshop Update
Naturescaping Basics
Viva Village
THPRD Summer Camps Delays
THPRD Closures
Cedar Mill Bible Church
Inside WashCo Radio
Writers Mill
Washington County Public Affairs Forum Suspends Meetings

Business News April 2020

Sunset Credit Union
Sana Reiki
Western Oregon Dispensary
Stride Strong Physical Therapy
World of Smiles
Bethany Family Pet Clinic
Helvetia Farm Market and Marion Acres
Village Gallery News
Tire Factory closes
Refinish First closes
CK Hoffman Design
Dennis 7Dees
DuFresne’s Auto Service
Cedar Mill Business Association
Cedar Mill Farmers Market
Cornell Farm Nursery & Café

TriMet schedule changes

Starting on April 2, no more than 10-15 riders can be on a bus at one time—10 individuals, or up to 15 if people are riding together (such as couples or parents with children). TriMet is also closing off some seats—there will be a sign that says you can’t sit there. Both these things should

Allies, friends and givers offer support and fun

support cart

by TouchmarkWithout question, we are all living in uncertain and challenging times that have upended normal routines. While the news seems to grow grimmer each day, it becomes ever more important for all of us to focus on the things we can control in our lives. Maintaining social distancing and staying in one’s own home